Services Provided

Wavebreak International can help young technology companies turn great ideas into great businesses. We can assist all types of knowledge-based companies to achieve their growth plans.

Typical members of Wavebreak International include companies working in the following areas:

  • Information and communications technologies
  • Electronic/microelectronic hardware technologies
  • Businesses based on novel and scalable technologies and/or business models

What is provided?

IP management, marketing, market research, business planning, capital raising options, due diligence, commercial structures, corporate governance, sales and deal closing, partnering, strategic alliances, corporate and exit strategy development and support for M&A transactions. Members gain access to:

  • Business skills development seminars
  • Networking events
  • Specialist guest presenters
  • Workshops
  • Support and Mentoring

Assistance from the Wavebreak International executive team and Wavebreak International’s Advisory Panel members which can include structured mentoring sessions and/or one on one advice and mentoring, both designed to address the specific needs of the member company. Areas of general business support include:

  • Business plan development
  • Assistance with government grant applications
  • Assistance to become investor ready
  • Professional services contacts
  • Market research
  • Business coaching
  • Tailored mentoring program for each client
  • Access to mentors with outstanding experience and expertise
  • Focus on business strategy and problem solving
  • Assistance with strategic partnering, distribution and M&A activities


Disclaimer: Wavebreak International Ltd makes no representation or warranties, express or implied, to clients or owners with regard to the services or that the services will result in, or cause clients’ business ventures to succeed or achieve any specific objectives. Clients have no duty to comply with or follow any advice or recommendations given by Wavebreak International or its Advisory Panel members, and clients shall retain all right, authority and responsibility to conduct its business in accordance with its own judgement. In no instance shall Wavebreak International be deemed to have any fiduciary or other similar duties or obligations to clients, nor shall Wavebreak International be deemed to have any implied duties to client companies. Further, client companies acknowledge that none of Wavebreak International’s directors, officers, employees, advisory panel members, agents or affiliates assume any liability for any matter, advice, or service that may be provided to the client at any time.