Supporting the Innovation Ecosystem

Wavebreak supports other initiatives which are involved in growing a robust and sustainable innovation ecosystem in the region.


Gold Coast Angels

An angel investment group interested in significant growth opportunities where they can assist through the application of working capital, industry experience and contacts.

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Founders Forum

Founders Forum is a public angel investor network devoted to educating business executives and assisting early-stage investment opportunities through regular meetings where business issues are discussed and where entrepreneurs present their ventures. Experienced investors and executives invest, sit on boards, make introductions, consult and share their experiences with other angels and business associates.

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Brisbane Angels

Brisbane Angels is a large group of private investors who actively invest in early stage technology companies.

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qutbluebox Innovation Challenge

The Innovation Challenge offers you the chance to secure seed funding, garner publicity and potentially work with qutbluebox to take your innovation to the marketplace. There are three key prizes on offer to the finalists, including a first prize of $50,000, $25,000 for the runner-up and $12,500 for the winner of the online crowd vote. There are also additional prizes on offer to all applicants, including a $10,000 qutbluebox Accelerator prize, a $5,000 QUT Guild Student prize, and up to $50,000 of professional service prizes.

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Australian Association of Angel Investors

The Australian Association of Angel Investors (AAAI) is the national forum advancing Angel Investors, their professionalism and their passion for investing in entrepreneurial business. The Association provides a national voice for the Australian angel investment community and advocates for change in behaviour and support for early stage venture investment and support in Australia.

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Successful and emerging technology-based companies within the region include:


ABR Process development logoABR Process Development

ABR Process Development is an internationally recognised process and technology development company. We specialise in identifying, improving and commercialising, viable and innovative industrial processes.

Our technology adds value to chemical processes associated with purification, recycling, regeneration and metals recovery. We develop scalable, economic and sustainable solutions, tailored to individual client requirements. Our target is to leverage technologies that deliver zero-waste and nil-pollution.


Auditflow logo

Auditflow Pty Ltd

Auditflow is a specialist provider of cloud software solutions for accountants and auditors. Auditflow is the leading provider of cloud audit software in Australia and offers audit solutions that comply with mandatory Auditing Standards and cater for a comprehensive range of specialised audit engagements.



Arthritis Relief Plus Ltd

Arthritis Relief Plus Ltd

ARP is a Biotechnology Company with a novel patented platform technology ‘Acteev’. Our lead product, a botanical topical has progressed to a Phase III multi-site osteo arthritis clinical trial in Australia, for the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis. A patent has been filed for in eleven global regions reflecting key markets.4Jointz® ( product is a Complementary Medicine with a formulation that is an evidenced based, synergistic blend of standardised, botanical extracts and a pharmaceutical grade compound formulated with penetration enhancers as a topical cream with no known side-effects.


Dev-Audio Pty LtdDev-Audio Pty Ltd

Dev-Audio produced software and peripheral devices that apply innovative computer speech technologies to enable more natural interaction between people and computers. Focused on  more natural tools for collaboration and communication, they therefore focused on technologies that support groups of users, rather than individuals. Founded by Dr Iain McCowan in 2008, Dev-Audio Pty Ltd was a privately held company based on Australia’s Gold Coast which was acquired in 2014 by Portland based Biamp Systems Inc.



Grassads logoGrassAds

GrassAds (Linc Robotics) provides the most advanced grass signage and ground signage solutions available today. With applicators and their patented application techniques being used around the world, GrassAds is fast becoming the most wide spread and versatile provider for applying signs onto grass and turf for sporting events and special events. They are also the preferred applicator for high definition presentations on existing hard surfaces such as car parks and roof tops.




LEAPIN’s web/mobile based access management and security solutions provides secure, easy to use, instant, affordable, limited access, anytime, anywhere, online. LEAPIN is no keys, no cards, no queues, no check-ins, no wasting time and money, and no worries. LEAPIN’s flagship products include room web-check-in and smartphone room check-in for accommodation. The secret to the LEAPIN technology is in the LEAPIN code (a time-sensitive, pre-programmed PIN access code downloaded from billions in the cloud) – the code only works for the duration of your stay. LEAPIN’s systems are standalone and require no networking, no wiring, no ongoing programming, and no onsite infrastructure. 

Gen3Media logoGen3Media

Gen3Media have created a purpose built marketing platform; gCast. It is easy to use and allows businesses to create incredibly targeted campaigns which increase open rates and ROI. gCast saves Corporates time manipulating data to create a campaign and provides a superior service and outcome. Their unique database schema allows to targeting “by unlimited attributes” rather than the traditional “by database” approach.


Optii logoOptii Solutions Pty Ltd

Optii Solutions is an expert team of seasoned hotel managers and software developers, passionate about improving the business of housekeeping in hotels and resorts around the globe. Headquartered on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Optii Solutions provides software solutions that are directly geared to deliver productivity improvements, quality increases, training enhancements and an overall more structured and efficient operation. With its Optii Keeper solution, the company supplies large international hotel clients throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and North America.

QPL logoQuantum Power Limited

Quantum Power Limited is a leader in anaerobic digestion systems and biogas fuelled power station installations; offering complete, end-to-end solutions. QPL has completed many successful installations in the pig, poultry and food processing industries. QPL was acquired by Geodynamics Pty Ltd a clean energy company listed on the ASX.



Welldog logoWellDog

WellDog has built a reputation for adapting cutting-edge technology to create practical, easy-to-adopt technical solutions for key resource evaluation and production challenges.

WellDog is an energy-focused technical services company that developed its own patented, proven Reservoir Raman chemical sensing systems to provide commercial reservoir analysis services for coal, gas, alternative and conventional resources.

Building on the strength of those services and the company’s world-wide customer focus, WellDog now develops, sources, advances and manages a diverse set of innovative technical solutions. The company focuses on platform technologies that enable solutions to address the critical needs of today’s unconventional and alternative energy industries in a high volume, low cost manner.