Operations in Brief

The overall mission of Wavebreak International is to provide business mentoring, education programs and other supportive resources to foster the growth of its members so as to significantly increase the likelihood of their success.

Wavebreak International provides support to its members through its executive team, its experienced Advisory Panel, recognised professional service providers and its valuable industry networks. After the admission procedures have been completed a member gains access to Wavebreak International resources and support and is typically assigned a business development advisor from the executive team in addition to members of the Advisory Panel to assist in guiding the new member through a period of 2-3 years. Support and advice is highly dependent on the needs of the member and is focused at addressing critical areas to best position the business for success. During this period of 2-3 years the member will be given the opportunity to attend a series of seminars and workshops provided by experts in various fields.

After the period of 2-3 years it is expected that the member’s business would have progressed sufficiently to justify graduating from the incubator.